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Knowledge is of two kinds: we know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. - Samuel Johnson
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Entergel is the trading name of Tom Price. 57,Cliddesden Road, Basingstoke, RG21 3ET. Phone: +44(0)7590 048037. Email:

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The most expensive thing in the World is time, because all the money in the World canít turn back time. Why waste even one second working with inadequate or inefficient software?

Entergel thrives by meeting clients needs to efficiently store and retrieve documents, emails, spreadsheets and other files in a user-friendly, managed, audited, secure and timely manner for the benefit of their business.

By integrating world leading software products with their IT systems Entergel makes possible the improvements in efficiency that save time and money.

Entergel specialises in Worldox Document Management System installation, customisation and training as well as supplying companion products and services.
  • Entergel is both a VAR and Systems Integrator for Worldox and can provide the technical expertise needed to get the award winning WORLDOX GX document management implemented including integration with clients' office systems and other applications, training and specialised support.


    Entergel also provides other services including:
    • Interlinking of Enterprise Applications
    • Providing bespoke tools to 'Gel' enterprise application software so that data can be exchanged simply and directly between applications.

      Entergel specialises in providing customised integrations between Worldox and Billing Systems, Practice Management systems and many other applications so that data can be exchanged simply and directly between applications.

    • Business efficiency through Office Automation
    • Making life easier and more efficient in busy offices. 'One Click' solutions to complex printing tasks, document creation, form filling etc.

    • Email handling 'robots'

      Bespoke tools to automate processing of email and attachments processing, for example, the data returend from outsourced transcription and translation services directly into Worldox document management.

    • Custom written management software for the organising and restructuring of Worldox Document profiles.
    • Entergel can write specific programs to assist in the management of Worldox and, in particular, the maintenance and re-organisation of worldox data structures to suit a business as it grows over time.

    • Custom written Microsoft Office software Templates and Add-Ins.
    • Entergel can write specific Office Templates and Add-Ins to provide Ribbon Menus and associated actions/automation to make office work more efficient.